Mar 182015

March Madness might be the greatest time of the year for sports bettors. We sat down with Sports Interaction’s head oddsmaker to get some insight into what booking the NCAA Tournament is really like.

In comparison to some of North America’s biggest sporting events – Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, NCAA football National Championship – how does March Madness stack up in terms of betting handle?

For North America, it doesn’t get any bigger than the Super Bowl but the NCAA Tournament is a pretty big event. There are so many games and they are all televised. Having the games televised boosts the handle with more casual players who may place a couple bets so they can have somebody to cheer for that night. Plus it’s a big public event that even non-sports fans know about with all the office pools. The entire tournament would be bigger than the BCS championship game, Kentucky Derby and almost anything else other than the Super Bowl amongst North American sports.

This year’s Tournament is unique with the unbeaten Kentucky Wildcats set as big +100 favorites to cut down the nets in the championship game. Outside of Kentucky, which other teams do you expect bettors to support strongly in the futures market?

All the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds generally take action on the futures from the public. I think Arizona is one team that will see some futures action. They have a relatively easy path to the Final Four. There are a few big name schools at long odds who also could take some action such as Michigan St and Kansas. Sometimes when the public sees a name they recognize paying a good price, they’ll place a couple bets.

March Madness is all about Cinderella stories. Which lesser-known teams could make a run deep into the Tournament?

A couple teams to watch could be Stephen F Austin and Valparaiso. Stephen Austin has a very balanced offence with a lot of guys who can shoot the ball. You can’t just shut down one guy with them and expect to win. Valparaiso has great defense and in a one and done tournament they could frustrate their opponent enough to move on. They don’t need to score a lot; they only need to score more than their opponent.

Upsets are a big part of March Madness. In general, do bettors tend to bet more underdogs than usual in the Tournament?

Definitely. In general, the chalk still rules but you definitely see more underdog action. All people hear about all week are how many upsets there will be so people can’t help but back a couple underdogs!

With so many games going on at the same time later this week, does Sports Interaction see a significant spike in live betting?

No question. March Madness is great for live betting! We carry every game in the tournament and they are all televised which is huge for live betting. It helps a lot when you can watch the games and make bets based on how you think the flow of the game is going. Plus you have the chat room where you can talk to your fellow bettors about all the crazy action on the court.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen much more parity in the NCAA Tournament. Are bettors more inclined to bet mid-major teams now than they were years ago?

A little bit, but at the end of it all it is still a big program that normally cuts the nets down. The big programs are the ones who attract the one-and-done players so they are still getting all the prime recruits.

The bracket can be a little intimidating for those just getting into NCAA Tournament betting. Any advice for a March Madness betting rookie?

Some of the ‘rules’ for picking a successful bracket will help you in the early rounds. Read up on some of those. And don’t turn off your TV and write off your bet at half-time. This is a tournament of upsets and crazy comebacks. Anything can happen – and usually does! That’s the beauty of March Madness.

Mar 182015

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Mar 162015

For the second time in the school’s history, Villanova will head into the 2015 Men’s NCAA basketball tournament as a number one seed after winning the Big East Conference Tournament.

Villanova is a 22.5 point favorite in the opening round over Lafayette

Villanova head coach Jay Wright made sure to point out the history of Villanova and the NCAA tournament, addressing the hundreds of fans that gathered at the student union to coronate the Wildcats as top seed. “Remember 1939. First Final Four ever, Villanova was in it,” said Wright. “That tradition stays strong.”

The Wildcats don’t seem to be bothered by the pressure that comes with being a no. 1 seed, despite making an early exit from the tournament last season at the hands of the eventual champions UConn. Wright understands expectations will be high, but the Wildcats appear to be ready to be in the spotlight again.

CappersMall March Madness Bracket Contest

Villanova is currently riding a 15-game winning streak heading into the tournament. The Wildcats have been paired with Patriot-League Champions and no. 16 seed Lafayette to play on Thursday in Pittsburgh. Despite the difference in seeding, Wright expects a tough game.
“They’re a very good team. The closest game we played at home this year was Bucknell,” Wright said. “The next closest game we had was Lehigh, and these guys beat both of them.”

Until tip-off later this week, skeptics will continue to wonder if this year’s Wildcats team will be different than the 2014 version. Junior guard Ryan Arcidiacono has confidence that he and his teammates are better prepared to play and will not be affected by the pressure and past failures the team has endured.

“We’re not afraid to lose,” said Arcidiacono. “We’ve been there before, so I don’t think it’s big to us. If we go down playing the basketball we know hot to play, we’ll be happy with that.”

Mar 142015
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Kentucky -13

VA Commonwealth -1

GA Southern
GA State -6

SMU -2.5

Michigan State
Wisconsin -6.5

Mar 132015

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Mar 122015

The three biggest factors that should go in to football handicapping are trends, statistics and situations. Some people refer to it as fundamental handicapping while others call it technical handicapping but the bottom line is those three factors are always involved. There is no incorrect method of handicapping as it is essentially a matter of personal preference and many people will use the different factors to varying degrees. Here is a quick look at the three key football handicapping techniques.

Trend-Based Handicapping

Relying on trends to come up with picks can vary from one sport to another and shouldn’t be confused with systems. Some handicappers will place a lot of importance on trends while others will use them as a final aspect to review before placing a bet. The following are all examples of trends:

Team A has covered 4 straight games against division opponents as a home favorite.
Team B has covered 8 of the last 9 games versus Team C.
Team D is 6-1 against the spread as a double-digit favorite.
Team E is 1-7 when playing outdoors in December over the past two seasons.

Statistical Handicapping

The handicappers that place the biggest emphasis on statistics are number crunchers that make their selections based solely on the numbers and rely on countless statistics that are available for the general public. These statistics range from traditional numbers like points scored and points allowed to more advanced numbers like yards per carry and points per 100 yards. Statistical handicapping is the best way to break down how a team has performed up until that point but it’s also important to remember that those numbers are a clear indication of the past and not an exact predictor of future results.

Situational Handicapping

Situational handicapping is the most like systems betting in that the focus is on how teams have fared in particular situations. The difference between situational handicapping and trend handicapping is that we are interested in how the league performs in certain situations instead of focusing on just one team. The situational handicapping removes the personal bias that could complicate things while providing numbers that the bettor can use at his disposal depending on how they see fit. The following are all examples of situational handicapping:

Preseason Home Underdogs
College Football Ranked Underdogs
NFL Outdoor Favorites

The most important thing to remember about all three of these integral aspects to football handicapping is that the data is raw and at this disposal of whoever is using it. This means that while these numbers could help project the score of the game it’s unrealistic to expect them to predict an exact final. Instead, the point of these numbers is to get as close as possible to projecting how a game will play out based on the information available. Trends, statistics and situations can all be used to predict how a game will play out and if you are able to use all three areas of handicapping to your advantage you will find yourself winning a lot more often than not.


Source – thegreek

Nov 192014
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Mar 142012

In the last of the March Madness brackets, the West Region could be the most competitive. Unlike the South Region, oddsmakers are giving several a chance to win the West.

Michigan State is the favorite at +185 with Missouri next at +225. The Tigers could have received a number one seed if not for a late season slide. Both Louisville and Marquette could play with anyone and are listed at +500 with another scary team, a number 5 seed, New Mexico is +800. The full list off odds to win the 2012 NCAA Regionals – West Region is below.

8061      Colorado State                   +12500

8062      Florida                   +1200

8063      Long Beach State              +5000

8064      Louisville              +500

8065      Marquette            +500

8066      Memphis              +1000

8067      Michigan State                   +185

8068      Missouri                +225

8069      Murray State       +2500

8070      New Mexico        +800

8071      St Louis                 +3000

8072      Virginia                 +4000

8073      Field        +1200

Mar 142012

The South Region is expected to be won by Kentucky and if anyone upsets the number one seed, it will be considered one of the bigger upsets of the NCAA tournament. While March Madness is known for buzzer beaters, March Madness brackets and big upsets, the oddsmakers are not expecting to see the big upset in the South.

Kentucky, who did show they can be beat in their loss to Vanderbilt in the SEC tournament is the odds on favorite to win the South Region at -2/1 with Duke +3/1 and Baylor +6.5/1 next in line. One team with long shot odds that could be worth a flyer is the Indiana Hoosiers at 12/1 odds. Here is the full list of odds on who will win the 2012 NCAA Regionals – South Region.

8041      Baylor                   +650

8042      Colorado              +12500

8043      Connecticut         +2500

8044      Duke       +300

8045      Iowa State           +6000

8046      Indiana                  +1200

8047      Kentucky               -200

8048      Notre Dame         +3000

8049      UNLV     +2500

8050      VCU        +12500

8051      Wichita State       +800

8052      Xavier                    +6000

8053      Field        +1500