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Nov 192014
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Oct 032012

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Mar 142012

In the last of the March Madness brackets, the West Region could be the most competitive. Unlike the South Region, oddsmakers are giving several a chance to win the West.

Michigan State is the favorite at +185 with Missouri next at +225. The Tigers could have received a number one seed if not for a late season slide. Both Louisville and Marquette could play with anyone and are listed at +500 with another scary team, a number 5 seed, New Mexico is +800. The full list off odds to win the 2012 NCAA Regionals – West Region is below.

8061      Colorado State                   +12500

8062      Florida                   +1200

8063      Long Beach State              +5000

8064      Louisville              +500

8065      Marquette            +500

8066      Memphis              +1000

8067      Michigan State                   +185

8068      Missouri                +225

8069      Murray State       +2500

8070      New Mexico        +800

8071      St Louis                 +3000

8072      Virginia                 +4000

8073      Field        +1200

Mar 142012

The South Region is expected to be won by Kentucky and if anyone upsets the number one seed, it will be considered one of the bigger upsets of the NCAA tournament. While March Madness is known for buzzer beaters, March Madness brackets and big upsets, the oddsmakers are not expecting to see the big upset in the South.

Kentucky, who did show they can be beat in their loss to Vanderbilt in the SEC tournament is the odds on favorite to win the South Region at -2/1 with Duke +3/1 and Baylor +6.5/1 next in line. One team with long shot odds that could be worth a flyer is the Indiana Hoosiers at 12/1 odds. Here is the full list of odds on who will win the 2012 NCAA Regionals – South Region.

8041      Baylor                   +650

8042      Colorado              +12500

8043      Connecticut         +2500

8044      Duke       +300

8045      Iowa State           +6000

8046      Indiana                  +1200

8047      Kentucky               -200

8048      Notre Dame         +3000

8049      UNLV     +2500

8050      VCU        +12500

8051      Wichita State       +800

8052      Xavier                    +6000

8053      Field        +1500

Mar 142012

As we previously discussed the beginning of March Madness and the devastating loss to Syracuse in the East region, we take a quick look at the Midwest Region which appears to be a two team race according to the oddsmakers.

North Carolina is the odds on favorite at +125 with Kansas next at +175. The only other team with odds less than 10/1 is the number three seed Georgetown Hoyas at +800. Here is the full list off odds on which team will win the 2012 NCAA Regionals – Midwest Region.

8021      Alabama               +3000

8022      California             +5000

8023      Creighton             +5000

8024      Georgetown        +800

8025      Kansas                   +175

8026      Michigan              +1200

8027      North Carolina                   +125

8028      Purdue                  +2000

8029      San Diego State                 +2000

8030      South Florida       +7500

8031      St Marys               +2000

8032      Temple                  +1800

8033      Field        +1200

Mar 142012

March Madness is about to begin and Syracuse has lost before it even started with the announcement that Fab Melo will not play in the NCAA tournament due to being declared ineligible by Syracuse University. This is a big blow to the Orange and oddsmakers have updated betting odds on who will win the 2012 NCAA Regionals – East Region.

Ohio State is now the favorite at +125 with Syracuse next at +300 and Vanderbilt at +500. Here are the full odds on team to win East Region.

8001      Cincinnati             +2000

8002      Florida State        +800

8003      Gonzaga               +2500

8004      Harvard                 +5000

8005      Kansas State        +1500

8006      Ohio State            +125

8007      Southern Mississippi         +6000

8008      Syracuse               +300

8009      Texas     +3000

8010      Vanderbilt            +500

8011      West Virginia       +2500

8012      Wisconsin             +650

8013      Field        +1500

Mar 052012

Odds have been posted on who will win the Big Ten Tournament.

Michigan State looked like the team to beat but have struggled as of late. They are 24-7 overall and 13-5 in Big Ten play. Against the spread, the Spartans are 19-10 overall, a great money maker for sports bettors. That includes a solid 12-5 ATS record at home, 7-5 ATS on the road, 15-9 ATS as a favorite and 4-1 ATS as a dog. They have been solid all-around and are one of the favorites to make a run in the March Madness tournament.

The Big Ten is a very competitive division this year with several quality teams. Ohio State now looks like the favorite with a 25-6 overall and 13-5 against the Big Ten. They have been okay against the point-spread but nothing spectacular. The Buckeyes are 15-12 ATS including 10-6 at home, 5-6 away, 14-11 as a favorite and 1-1 ATS as a dog.

Michigan is 23-8 overall and 13-5 in the Big Ten. They are 17-11 ATS including 9-5 ATS at home, 8-6 ATS on the road, 9-6 as a favorite and 8-5 as a dog.

Wisconsin, another team that could make noise is 12-6 in the Big Ten and 23-8 overall. They are 15-13 ATS including 8-8 ATS at home, 7-5 ATS on the road, 12-11 as a favorite and 3-2 as a dog.

Here are the odds to win the Big Ten Tourney

Illinois                   +1200
Indiana                  +650
Michigan              +300
Michigan State                   +250
Northwestern     +1000
Ohio State            +175
Purdue                  +1200
Wisconsin             +500
Field        +1500

Mar 052012

The class of the SEC is obviously Kentucky. The Wildcats are big favorites to win the SEC Tournament. They are 30-1 overall and 16-0 in conference play. But careful before you wager on them as they have been terrible against the Vegas line going 13-17 overall including 7-13 ATS at home, and 13-17 ATS as a favorite. They have covered two in a row and won 22 straight overall.

The oddsmakers are offering Kentucky to win the SEC Tournament at about -255 with the field available at +215.

Kentucky 30-1 13-17 7-13 6-4 13-17 0-0
Florida 22-9 12-14 7-8 5-6 10-11 2-3
Vanderbilt 21-10 14-13 5-10 9-3 9-11 5-2
Mississippi State 21-10 14-16 10-9 4-7 8-13 6-3
Alabama 20-10 12-14 7-8 5-6 10-12 2-2
Mississippi 18-12 13-13-2 6-7-2 7-6 3-7-2 10-6
Arkansas 18-13 9-14 7-6 2-8 6-5 3-9
Tennessee 18-13 19-9-1 13-2-1 6-7 10-3-1 9-6
LSU 17-13 16-11 9-6 7-5 7-4 9-7
Auburn 15-15 14-9 7-5 7-4 3-3 11-6
Georgia 14-16 12-14 7-8 5-6 5-3 7-11
South Carolina 10-20 10-15 5-9 5-6 2-6 8-9
Mar 052012

Odds to win the Conference USA Tournament

Marshall         +1200
Memphis         -125
Rice         +1200
Southern Mississippi         +250
Tulane         +2500
Tulsa         +500
Alabama Birmingham         +1200
UCF         +1000
Field         +800

Mar 052012

Odds to win the Atlantic 10 Tournament

Dayton         +1000
Duquesne         +2000
La Salle         +1500
Massachusetts         +1500
St Bonaventure         +800
St Josephs         +800
St Louis         +350
Temple         +270
Xavier         +285
Field         +1200