Sep 142014
BetOnline Big Game Weekly Contest -week 2

BetOnline will be sponsoring this weekly contest. You must have a BetOnline account to play. If you do not have one click BetOnline and open a free account. It is free and no credit card required.

These will be weekly contests with weekly prizes provided by BOL. We may switch up the format occasionally but they will be giving $250 worth of free plays each week.


Week 1 winners
1st place – ryhenry
2nd place – ludger

Each player will pick 3 plays from the list (ATS or totals) and a tiebreaker on Monday Night Football. More info will be posted on Tues/Wed when we post the game list with odds. It will be posted in this thread

All 3 picks must be posted at the same time. The deadline for picks for the week will be Sunday at 4PM (if there is enough games left)

Iowa State at Iowa -10

Georgia -5.5 at South Carolina

Miami -1, 43 at Buffalo

Seattle -5.5, 44.5 at San Diego

Chicago at San Francisco -7, 48.5

Philadelphia at Indianapolis -3, 53.5

TIEBREAKER: Total points combined all 2 teams on MNF. Must be posted before any of your games start.

For week one the prizes will be
1st place: $150
2nd place: $100

These are free plays with betonline. There is a 8x rollover before you can withdraw bonus

You must be an active player with betonline to collect 100% of the prize. If you are inactive you will win 10% of the value posted. If you are inactive you are only eligible to win one time throughout contest.

If a contest winner requests a payout from contest money they must make a minimum $50 deposit if they have never made a prior deposit.

Please submit your BOL account # by clicking my PM forum here.. If you submitted it already you are good to go.
1. Create new thread with BOL contest in title
2. Post account # in thread. DO NOT post password.
3. Let me know if this is a new account or previous account. It doesn’t matter just need to know.
4. Once you do that you are ready to play and can post plays in this thread when the odds come out.

Sep 142014
CappersMall Week 2 League Contest starts this Sunday 1pm. Buy-in is $10. Fan Duel may add some funds to the contest depending on how many participants. CM will add $50 in prizes if more than 25 participants or $25 in prizes if 15 or more. If you never used Fan Duel, some additional info below


Buy-In link – $10 – click here

Max of 100 players (don’t worry) and contest will run as long as there is a minimum of 5. Prize pool is determined by how many entries.

Once you have your FanDuel account just login and enter the contest with a $1- buy-in.

Buy-In link – $10 – click here

What is FanDuel?

One-Week Fantasy Football Leagues for Real Money

Salary cap format: you get to pick exactly who you want
Play directly against other users for real money
Over 25,000 one-week leagues run weekly in all different sizes
No season-long commitment – you only play when you want
We’re huge – $10 million+ paid out to winners every week this season

How To Play

1. Join a one-week league for real money
League winners get paid immediately. And then a whole new season starts the very next day.

2. Pick your fantasy team in minutes
Pick the guys who you think will put up the highest point totals in that week’s games.

3. No season-long commitment, no subscription fees
There’s no obligation to play every week. Play on your own terms.

Who Do You Play?

Play right away vs. other people

Our contest lobby has over 25,000 one-week fantasy football leagues every week of the 2014 NFL season, so you can jump into an open league within seconds. Join one, pick your team, and you’re in. Late scratches? No problem. You can change your lineup anytime before games start. League sizes range from 2 to 13,000+ teams, with entry fees from $1 to $10,000 and tons of payout structures. Most of our leagues have more than one winner. Some of them even pay out cash to the top half of finishers!
Or, form private leagues with friends

Play with your friends by forming a private league. You get to choose your league size, entry fee, and payout distribution.

Play safely and legally
Yes, it’s completely legal in the US and Canada!

In plain and simple terms, it’s perfectly legal to play in our cash fantasy football leagues , as long as you’re in the US or Canada and 18 years of age or older. Fantasy sports is considered a game of skill and received a specific exemption from the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. We’ve even partnered up with companies like NBC, Sports Illustrated, Comcast, Sporting News, and plenty of others. Learn more about the legal jargon here.

For more info on Fan Duel click here

Aug 272014

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Win Big Playing Blackjack at 5Dimes


Aug 242014

NFL Total Wins Buy-In Contest with draft – 10 team league(s)

This is a simple contest. We will do two games/leagues (10 people).  The $300 pool will consist of 10 teams as well as the $50 pool.
A. $300 buy-in
B – $50 buy-in

The draft date for the $50 contest is 8/31 at 9AM EST in the forums. This contest is currently filled. As of this writing there are three spots remaining for the $300 pool

Payment must be made to hold spot and must be discussed in PM forum only. PM me if we have other arrangements.

Here is how the contest works.

The original draft order will be determined by a random draw

Team 1 — 1st pick, 20th pick, 26th pick
Team 2 — 2, 16, 29
Team 3 — 3, 13, 30
Team 4 — 4, 18, 25
Team 5 — 5, 15, 27
Team 6 — 6, 19, 22
Team 7 — 7, 11, 28
Team 8 — 8, 17, 21
Team 9 — 9, 14, 23
Team 10 — 10, 12, 24

Everyone picks three teams. The highest total number of regular season victories for those three teams wins the pool.

Here is an example of how a draft has looked in the past.

Team 1 — Pats, Panthers, Cardinals
Team 2 — Packers, Cowboys, Jaguars
Team 3 — Texans, Chiefs, Rams
Team 4 — Falcons, Bills, Redskins
Team 5 — Ravens, Seahawks, Colts
Team 6 — Niners, Chargers, Bucs
Team 7 — Saints, Broncos, Vikings
Team 8 — Bears, Bengals, Titans
Team 9 — Eagles, Steelers, Jets
Team 10 — Giants, Lions, Raiders

So bottom line is you get total wins for each team. If you drafted the Dolphins (8-8), Rams (7-9) and Lions (7-9) last year – your point total would be 22.

If you can’t make the draft – just rank the NFL teams and we will draft for you. It’s fairly simple.

Both contests have payouts of 80% for first place and 20% for second place. In the event of a tie the winners will split the pool.

For more information or to join this contest – please click here

Aug 102014

CappersMall visitors have another reason to like cappersmall on Facebook with an exclusive facebook only NFL contest. Predict the winner on opening night of the NFL regular season. Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks on 9/4/14.

1. Pick the ATS winner: Packers +5.5, Seahawks -5.5
2. Pick the over/under 44.5
3. Tiebreaker – How many passing yards will Aaron Rodgers throw for?

You must go 2-0 ATS and total to get to the tiebreaker winner.

The winner will win a NFL sideline official Reebok visor. Choice between San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns or Cincinnati Bengals visor. Shipped free to US and Canada only. Must be 18 years of age to win. Must post winners in the correct facebook post. Deadline is kickoff on opening night. Tiebreakers most also be posted before kickoff.

More facebook promotions and contests coming soon!

Jul 292014

The NFL Pick 5 buy-in contest is back for another year. One of the more popular contests, it follows the LVH with regards to scoring. Each player makes 5 picks per week and gets a point for each correct win and a tie for each push. Here is a summary of the rules. For a full list of the rules or questions and answers please visit the forum.

Pick 5 games per week.

All odds will be posted by Wednesday/Thursday each week from 5dimes or Bookmaker

Sides and Totals only

The weekly deadline for picks in this contest is 1:00PM EST and all picks must be made at same time.

You must post your pick without abbreviations and with the odds posted.

On totals you must post both teams with the word over or under and odds posted.

Please understand these simplify scoring and cut down on mistakes, misunderstandings and problems. Warnings will only be given out on week #1.

One point for each win, 1/2 for ties, 0 for loss

100% of the entry
1st place – 60%
2nd place – 25%
3rd place – 15%


For more information please visit the contest forums

Jul 252014

Everyone’s favorite contest is back for the 2-14/2015 season. NFL Survivor is a game of strategy with the goal of picking one winner each week without pointspreads. Sounds easy right?

Each week you will select one team to win (no pointspreads). If you win – you move on to the next week. Lose and you are eliminated. If you miss a pick you are eliminated. The last lone survivor will win. The contest will run until there is one winner. In the event of a tie game – both sides will be considered a loss.

The contest will begin the first week of the NFL regular season.

There will be a thread started by Cappers Mall each week right here in this section for you to enter your picks. The thread will be started on Tuesday’s of each week. You must post inside the correct thread.

You must make your picks by Sunday at 1:00 pm EST. The thread may or may not be locked at that time but there will be no exceptions. Picks may not be emailed in under any circumstance. They must be posted in the thread. IF you decide to wait until the last minute to make picks and the web site is down or any other reason beyond our control – you take that chance and again no exceptions will be made. EVEN if you play a late game they must be entered before 1.

You may play any NFL game. If you want to pick a Thursday night game you must play before Thursday. If you play a Monday night game you must submit by Sunday at 1:00 PM EST


The entry fee for this contest is $50. For more information about joining or the full rules please click here.

Jul 242014

Last year the Arizona Cardinals covered against the spread at the highest percentage for the 2013 season. Arizona finished 11-5 (68.8%). The spreads aren’t official but they’ll face a tougher schedule

1 Mon, Sep 8 San Diego 10:20 PM
2 Sun, Sep 14 at NY Giants 1:00 PM
3 Sun, Sep 21 San Francisco 4:05 PM
5 Sun, Oct 5 at Denver 4:05 PM
6 Sun, Oct 12 Washington 4:25 PM
7 Sun, Oct 19 at Oakland 4:25 PM
8 Sun, Oct 26 Philadelphia 4:05 PM
9 Sun, Nov 2 at Dallas 1:00 PM
10 Sun, Nov 9 St. Louis 4:25 PM
11 Sun, Nov 16 Detroit 4:25 PM
12 Sun, Nov 23 at Seattle 4:05 PM
13 Sun, Nov 30 at Atlanta 4:05 PM
14 Sun, Dec 7 Kansas City 4:05 PM
15 Thu, Dec 11 at St. Louis 8:25 PM
16 Sun, Dec 21 Seattle 8:30 PM
17 Sun, Dec 28 at San Francisco 4:25 PM

Here are all the spread numbers for each NFL team last year

Arizona 11-5-0 68.8% +4.4
Seattle 13-6-0 68.4% +5.1
San Francisco 12-6-1 66.7% +3.3
San Diego 11-6-1 64.7% +3.8
Cincinnati 10-6-1 62.5% +3.4
Denver 11-7-1 61.1% +1.3
Indianapolis 11-7-0 61.1% +1.6
NY Jets 9-6-1 60.0% -2.4
Carolina 9-7-1 56.2% +3.7
Dallas 9-7-0 56.2% 0.0
Miami 9-7-0 56.2% -0.8
Minnesota 9-7-0 56.2% -1.5
Pittsburgh 9-7-0 56.2% +0.1
New Orleans 10-8-0 55.6% +3.1
Kansas City 9-8-0 52.9% +5.5
Buffalo 8-8-0 50.0% +0.3
New England 9-9-0 50.0% +2.7
Philadelphia 8-9-0 47.1% +1.2
Oakland 7-8-1 46.7% -1.9
Atlanta 7-9-0 43.8% -3.8
Baltimore 7-9-0 43.8% -1.7
Green Bay 7-9-1 43.8% -2.9
NY Giants 7-9-0 43.8% -3.8
St Louis 7-9-0 43.8% +3.0
Tennessee 6-8-2 42.9% -0.1
Cleveland 6-10-0 37.5% -3.5
Detroit 6-10-0 37.5% -1.2
Tampa Bay 6-10-0 37.5% -2.1
Jacksonville 5-10-1 33.3% -2.8
Washington 5-11-0 31.2% -6.3
Chicago 4-11-1 26.7% -2.2
Houston 4-12-0 25.0% -9.4

Jul 242014

Lebron mania has subsided for a little while the NFL preseason is less than two weeks ago. With that in mind we take a look at the updated Super Bowl odds

Seattle Seahawks +525
Denver Broncos +640
San Francisco 49ers +675
New England Patriots +800
Green Bay Packers +1200
New Orleans Saints +1600
Indianapolis Colts +2000
Philadelphia Eagles +2700
Cincinnati Bengals +3100
Pittsburgh Steelers +3500
Baltimore Ravens +3700
Atlanta Falcons +3800
Chicago Bears +3800
New York Giants +4000
Arizona Cardinals +4200
Carolina Panthers +4400
Kansas City Chiefs +4400
San Diego Chargers +4500
St Louis Rams +5000
Detroit Lions +5000
Washington Redskins +5200
Houston Texans +6000
Dallas Cowboys +6000
Miami Dolphins +6000
New York Jets +7500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7500
Cleveland Browns +9000
Minnesota Vikings +11000
Buffalo Bills +12500
Tennessee Titans +20000
Oakland Raiders +25000
Jacksonville Jaguars +30000
Jul 232014

The NFL brings out the best in all of us and all of us want to be the best NFL handicapper. CappersMall has released details on the 13th annual best damn handicapping contest and it’s free for all forum members.

• You must be registered in the Cappers Mall forums
• One entry/ip per person
• Contest will start with the first reg season game and end with the last regular season game
• Only NFL plays (sides and totals) will be allowed
• Each contestant must select three plays per week.
• Less than 3 plays submitted will constitute a loss for every pick under 3.
• Each contestant is allowed three weekends to not select plays (pass) without penalty. After 3 passes – you will be DQ from prizes
• You may not pass on the last week of contest. For the last 3 weeks of the contest, I may allow plays to be posted to me privately as an option which I will post at the deadline. These picks will be posted when games tip off.
• Only plays entered in the correct contest thread will be counted. You may only post once per week. Use all three of your games in one post. The deadline for posting picks is 1:00 PM Sunday. Later posts will not count. If you start a new thread with your picks or post it in the wrong place it may be deleted. You must post in the contest thread.
• Each play will be worth 110/100
• This contest will be the regular season only
• Threads will be started for the week every Wednesday and lines will be from Wednesday lines and will not change. Everyone will use the same lines
• You MUST post the team name clearly (avoid abbreviations) with the listed odds posted with your pick. The weekly deadline for picks in this contest is 1:00PM EST and all picks must be made at same time.
You must post your pick without abbreviations and with the betting odds posted.
On totals you must post both teams with the word over or under and odds posted.

For the full list of rules, prizes and how to registerclick here!