College Football Pick 5 Contest

The college football pick 5 contest is similar to the cappersmall NFL Pick 5 where the use the old Hilton Supercontest format. Like the LVH, contestants pick 5 games a week with winners given one point, ties 1/2 and zero for a loss. While not as popular as the NFL version the college football contest has been competitive and fun the last few years. Do you have what it takes


Pick 5 CFB games per week.

All odds will be posted by Wednesday/Thursday each week

Sides and some Totals

This is a 150 NFL buy-in contest.

The weekly deadline for picks in this contest is 3:30 EST EST and all picks must be made at same time.

You must post your pick without abbreviations and with the odds posted.

On totals you must post both teams with the word over or under and odds posted.

Please understand these simplify scoring and cut down on mistakes, misunderstandings and problems. Warnings will only be given out on week #1.

One point for each win, 1/2 for ties, 0 for loss

100% of the entry
1st place – 60%
2nd place – 25%
3rd place – 15%

All discussion can go in the forum thread. There will be a thread with confirmed entries of those who paid. You must make sure your name is on that list to play. For more information visit the cappersmall forum section by clicking here.



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