NFL Survivor Contest Posted

Everyone’s favorite contest is back for the 2-14/2015 season. NFL Survivor is a game of strategy with the goal of picking one winner each week without pointspreads. Sounds easy right?

Each week you will select one team to win (no pointspreads). If you win – you move on to the next week. Lose and you are eliminated. If you miss a pick you are eliminated. The last lone survivor will win. The contest will run until there is one winner. In the event of a tie game – both sides will be considered a loss.

The contest will begin the first week of the NFL regular season.

There will be a thread started by Cappers Mall each week right here in this section for you to enter your picks. The thread will be started on Tuesday’s of each week. You must post inside the correct thread.

You must make your picks by Sunday at 1:00 pm EST. The thread may or may not be locked at that time but there will be no exceptions. Picks may not be emailed in under any circumstance. They must be posted in the thread. IF you decide to wait until the last minute to make picks and the web site is down or any other reason beyond our control – you take that chance and again no exceptions will be made. EVEN if you play a late game they must be entered before 1.

You may play any NFL game. If you want to pick a Thursday night game you must play before Thursday. If you play a Monday night game you must submit by Sunday at 1:00 PM EST


The entry fee for this contest is $50. For more information about joining or the full rules please click here.


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