Odds to win NBA All-Star MVP

The NBA all-star game will be played today as NBA superstars showcase their offensive talents while playing defense like the old Phoenix Suns. The oddsmakers at Bookmaker.eu have posted odds on who will win the MVP and some other all-star betting props. Dwight Howard is the favorite to win the award with the game being in his hometown and it’s quite possibly the last time he could play in front of the Orlando fans as a Magic all-star or as a hero, rather than the villain. Let’s look at a few

Odds to win NBA All-Star Most Valuable Player

Dwight Howard +350
Kevin Durant +380
Lebron James +400
Kobe Bryant +550
Dwyane Wade +700
The Field (any other players not listed) +1000
Derrick Rose +1000
Blake Griffin +1100
Chris Paul +1100
Kevin Love +1100
Deron Williams +1200
Dirk Nowitzki +1200
Russell Westbrook +1320
Tony Parker +1320
Andrew Bynum +1650
LaMarcus Aldridge +1650

The sportsbook also posts odds on the player who will score first tonight.

Howard +350, Durant +450, Bryant & James +500, Griffin +600, Bynum, Anthony, Rose, Wade +650

Do you have a gut feeling which quarter will have the most points score in?

1st) +220
2nd) +230
3rd) +270
4th) +225


For more NBA odds, visit www.bookmaker.eu


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