Odds to win NCAA Regionals – West Region

In the last of the March Madness brackets, the West Region could be the most competitive. Unlike the South Region, oddsmakers are giving several a chance to win the West.

Michigan State is the favorite at +185 with Missouri next at +225. The Tigers could have received a number one seed if not for a late season slide. Both Louisville and Marquette could play with anyone and are listed at +500 with another scary team, a number 5 seed, New Mexico is +800. The full list off odds to win the 2012 NCAA Regionals – West Region is below.

8061      Colorado State                   +12500

8062      Florida                   +1200

8063      Long Beach State              +5000

8064      Louisville              +500

8065      Marquette            +500

8066      Memphis              +1000

8067      Michigan State                   +185

8068      Missouri                +225

8069      Murray State       +2500

8070      New Mexico        +800

8071      St Louis                 +3000

8072      Virginia                 +4000

8073      Field        +1200


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