Odds to win the National League East

The National League East could be interesting. The Phillies are heavy favorites but they will start the season without Ryan Howard and Chase Utley and there are rumors concerning Roy Halladay and his velocity. It’s worth keeping an eye on. Both the Marlins and Nationals made big moves this off-season and the Braves were right there last season. The Mets could be the worst in the division but finally can move on from the Bernie Madoff scandal since the Wilpon’s (owner) has settled the case. The oddsmakers have updated betting odds on who will win the 2012 National League East. Before you go, check out the American League Odds. East | Central | West

Odds to win the 2012 NL East

Philadelphia Phillies 1/2

Miami Marlins    11/2

Atlanta Braves 6/1

Washington Nationals 8/1

New York Mets 50/1


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