Super Bowl Prop Bets is Big Business

The Super Bowl is the most wagered event of the entire year and some parts of the Super Bowl have become events of their own. It used to be the Super Bowl game and everything else. Now it’s almost like there are several Super Bowl events. You have the Super Bowl pre-week(s), Super Bowl props that range from betting on the coin toss all the way to what color outfit will this year’s halftime show entertainer wear (this year it’s Madonna) and Super Bowl commercials. All have become big business for Las Vegas and online sports books.

Here is a look at a few Super Bowl props available to bet on at a few different sportsbooks.

Super Bowl Coin Toss – The opening coin toss will land on heads or tails?

Heads: -115
Tails: -115

Yes, thousands of dollars will be wagered on whether the opening coin toss will land on heads or tails. No word yet, how many touts will release this as their game of the year play?

Who will win Super Bowl MVP?

Tom Brady: +100
Eli Manning: +210
Rob Gronkowski: +450
Victor Cruz +1400

Sure the Super Bowl in the past has resulted in some surprise MVP results but most of the time the winner will go to one of the big superstars of the game. While some bettors will take a flyer on guys such as Victor Cruz +1400 or Wes Welker +1500 – sportsbooks will often tempt you with players such as Chad Ochocinco +5000 or other long shots that are not very likely to be the next Super Bowl hero. Four of the last five Super Bowl MVP’s have been the QB, with Santonio Holmes formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers being the exception.

The number of field goals made by both teams?

OVER 3.5 field goals: +145
UNDER 3.5 field goals: -175

Both teams have good field goal kickers but also consider often teams will go for “touchdown” slightly more than the regular season where they may settle for field goals. In Super Bowl 45, there were two field goals on just three attempts.

Which quarter will most points be scored in?

1st: +265
2nd: +170
3rd: +300
4th: +220

Last year the Packers/Steelers combined for 14 in the first quarter, 17 in the second, 7 in the third and 18 in the final period. Rumor has it sports handicapper Brandon Lang will place a hundred dime lock on the first quarter and chase each additional quarter until producing that big winner.

Will the Kelly Clarkson National Anthem be longer or shorter than 94 seconds?

over 94.00 seconds: -110
under 94.00 seconds: -130

Right now hundreds of sports bettors are in the film room, breaking down the National Anthem for each of the past 45 Super Bowls.

What type of shirt will Madonna wear at halftime?

Madonna wears NFL shirt with number: +280
Madonna doesn’t wear NFL shirt with number: -400

Last week Rob Lowe decided to break a story and tweet that Peyton Manning was going to retire, we can only assume that Sean Penn might be wagering that Madonna will not be wearing an Eli Manning jersey. Speaking of Peyton Manning…

How many times will Peyton Manning be shown on TV during the game?

OVER 3.5 -130
UNDER 3.5 -110

If this game gets ugly what else will they talk about besides Peyton Manning and where he will play football in 2013.

Who will Barack Obama pick to win the Super Bowl?

Our President never lets a big sporting event pass by without a prediction. These will be available on the White House web site for $19.95 on a pay after you win basis.

Which will be higher in the Super Bowl XLVI Cross Sport Prop?

Wes Welker Receptions Pk -115
Lebron James Assists Pk -115

Lebron James and the Miami Heat face Toronto on Super Bowl Sunday. Patriots fans are hoping Welker takes his talents to Disney Land after the game.

While die hard football fans will only be interested in the game itself, Patriots are a 3-point favorite over Giants, there’s a whole other game inside the game with hundreds and hundreds of Super Bowl props available to wager on.


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