Super Bowl XLVI Player Props

If you are like me you can barely take all the hype of the two weeks waiting period for the Super Bowl. It’s finally within striking distance, it finally matters. We’ve looked at all the crazy Super Bowl props from Madonna and her halftime outfit to how long it will take Kelly Clarkson to sing National Anthem. Some of my favorite props are the simple props of players playing in the game and their performance.

Here are some of the player props for Super Bowl XLVI at

Ahmad Bradshaw – Longest rush in the game will be?
over 14EV
under 14.5 -130

I think Bradshaw is capable of pulling off at least one carry of 15 yards or more. I’m thinking a draw play catches the Pats defense off guard at least once.

A couple other Bradshaw props are;

Total Pass Receptions
over 3 -120
under 3 -110

Will Bradshaw score a TD?
Yes +115
No -145

Bradshawn Total Receiving Yards
over 22.5 -120
under 22.5 -120

Bookmaker offers a ton of props on Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady.

Manning first pass will be
complete -190
incomplete – +150

Brady first pass will be
completge -220
incomplete +180

Manning or Brady – More passing yards
Manning +10.5 -130
Brady -10.5 -110

First TD Pass
Manning EV
Brady -140

First Interception
Manning -140
Brady +110

Tom Brady TD passes
over 2.5 -105
under 2.5 -125

There are so many props at Bookmaker it almost makes your head spin.


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