Survivor contests star at cappersmall

Survivor pools in the NFL have become the March Madness brackets of the football season. has posted four separate ones for the 2016 season.

Each week you will select one team to win (no pointspreads). If you win – you move on to the next week. Lose and you are eliminated. If you miss a pick you are eliminated. The last lone survivor will win. The contest will run until there is one winner. In the event of a tie game – both sides will be considered a loss.

The several contests for Survivor are the NFL Survivor for $50 buy-in that has been going on for 10+ years. 100% to the winner.

They are also offering a High Roller Survivor for $500 buy-in but a couple of unique twists. The odds to play in this contest are fantastic. The first person eliminated will get $500 back and so will the runner up with the winner taking home the rest.

They have tiebreakers written and spelled out and this looks like a fun contest with better odds to win.

You can find a free survivor contest where you can win an autographed football by Julio Jones and a second chance Survivor slated to begin in week 6.




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