Countdown to the NFL season

The best part of the betting season gets underway this Thursday as the Denver Broncos, defending champions host the Carolina Panthers in a rematch of last year Super Bowl., a sports handicapping message board has built a reputation over the internet of offering the best handicapping contests around. From free contests to buy-in contests of all sizes get underway starting Thursday. The newest contest this year in the forum…

September 5, 2016

NFL Pick 5 – similar to westgate

The NFL Pick 5 which sets it’s format similar to the Westgate contest in Last Vegas, formerly Las Vegas Hilton.  This is the 8th year for the cappersmall NFL pick 5 and each year it has grown significantly. The entry is a modest $300 compared to $1500 for the Westgate NFL Supercontest. Last few years the prize pool has been on the North side of $20,000 All official rules are…

July 24, 2016

College Football Pick 5 Contest

The college football pick 5 contest is similar to the cappersmall NFL Pick 5 where the use the old Hilton Supercontest format. Like the LVH, contestants pick 5 games a week with winners given one point, ties 1/2 and zero for a loss. While not as popular as the NFL version the college football contest has been competitive and fun the last few years. Do you have what it takes…

August 1, 2014

NFL Pick 5 Contest

The NFL Pick 5 buy-in contest is back for another year. One of the more popular contests, it follows the LVH with regards to scoring. Each player makes 5 picks per week and gets a point for each correct win and a tie for each push. Here is a summary of the rules. For a full list of the rules or questions and answers please visit the forum. Pick 5…

July 29, 2014