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The NBA is at the all-star break and for the next week(s), Dwight Howard will dominate the talk shows as the Orlando Magic will need to decide whether it makes more sense to try and move Howard for the best pieces they can get in return before the trade deadline or try to add some pieces around Howard, don’t trade him and just hope he won’t leave as a free agent. The latter is a bit unlikely and Howard will most likely be moved. Look for the Lakers to try and make one last push.

With or without Howard in Orlando, the oddsmakers have updated betting odds for the NBA future odds including odds to win the Eastern Conference, odds to win the Western Conference and odds to win NBA Championship. We also show updated odds on the Most Valuable Player and NBA Finals Exacta Matchups. Let’s go over a few of them and discuss.

The NBA Championship odds have moved and it appears the books believe what everyone seems to know and that is the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder seem to be heading towards a NBA Finals matchup. Miami is dominating teams right now. During their eight game winning streak heading in to the all-star break, Miami won all eight games by double digits and they are playing incredible defensively which allows Miami to get a lot of fast break points.

Miami is the big favorite to win the title. 5Dimes has the Heat at +150 to win the title with Oklahoma City +500 and Chicago Bulls +525. While there are a handful of teams will have a shot or think they have a shot, it will be a major upset. The possibility has a better chance of happening in the West. Here are the top two NBA teams in the East and their odds.

Miami Heat
Odds to win NBA Championship +150
Odds to win Eastern Conference -155

Chicago Bulls
Odds to win NBA Championship +255
Odds to win Eastern Conference -155

After these two teams we get to some serious longshots especially when you consider that the next lowest odds according to the oddsmakers are the New York Knicks. I think most sports bettors outside of New York will tell you there is no way they are that good yet. That just goes to the point of it will be Chicago or Miami from the East. The next four teams look like this.

New York Knicks +1200
Boston Celtics +1900
Orlando Magic +2000
Philadelphia 76ers +200

Each of them has series flaws. We discussed the Knicks. Boston looks old and broken. While Rajon Rondo is one of the best point guards in the league, the big three of Allen, Garnett & Pierce cannot carry a team any longer. Orlando will most likely be without Howard and they may not get out of the first round. The 76ers have hit a wall and are showing signs of weakness.

In the Western Conference, there are more teams with a chance to hit the big upset. But the oddsmakers have made Oklahoma City the odds on favorite with +135 odds. The next listed is the Lakers +550. It’s a little surprising that San Antonio keeps staying under the radar and is +700 odds to win the West.

Oklahoma City
Odds to win NBA Championship +150
Odds to win Western Conference -155

Los Angeles Lakers
Odds to win NBA Championship +1300
Odds to win Western Conference +550

The NBA MVP race is close according to the oddsmakers but most experts would tell you is this is LeBron’s ace to lose. If LeBron keeps on the same pace, he will finish with the best PER rating of all-time, better than Wilt Chamberlin, better than Michael Jordan. He is playing unbelievable and he’s shooting .550 from the field. The biggest thing that could get in a way is that Dwyane Wade is playing out of his mind.

The top 10 betting odds to win MVP go like this;

LeBron James +375
Kobe Brant +400
Dwight Howard +450
Dwyane Wade +525
Kevin Durant +650
Blake Griffin +1300
Derrick Rose +1300
Chris Paul +1500
Dirk Nowitzki +1700
Carmello Anthony +1750

No, Jeremy Lin will not be on the board so settle down New York fans.

One of my favorite NBA futures to bet is the NBA Finals Matchups where you can wager on the likely matchup. For example, Miami vs. Oklahoma pays +275 while a Thunder/Bulls matchup would pay +761. Here are some other matchups with lower odds.

Heat vs. Lakers +1010
Heat vs. Spurs +1280
Heat vs. Mavericks +1320
Heat vs. Clippers +1320

5Dimes has every possible matchup so visit 5dimes for the latest and full odds of NBA possible matchups.


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